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INNOVATIVE Floating Design: Our magnetic lamp features a unique and innovative design that creates the illusion of a levitating lamp. It is powered through a USB port and uses small magnetic balls built into the lamp to create a floating effect that adds a touch of magic to any room. SOFT AND EYE-PROOF LIGHT: Our lamp emits a soft, gentle glow that's perfect for reading or relaxing. Provides enough brightness to use as a bedside reading lamp, but dim enough to make an effective night light. Eye Protection technology ensures your eyes are always protected from harmful glare and flicker. Magnetic ball switch. Oval design, incorporating LED lighting components into the ABS material frame, leaving a light output...
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PAINT YOUR WALLS WITH LIGHTNING - These Hexagonal Lights Are A Perfect Way To Awaken Your Creative Side. The Lights Can Be Completely Customized By The User. You Can Experiment Freely With Various Shapes Of Different Size. You Can Also Customize The Lightning Within Your Patterns With A Simple Touch Of The Hand INTUITIVE SWITCH MECHANISM - No Need To Bother With Mechanical Switches Or Remotes. All It Takes To Turn The Lights On And Off Is Your Touch. The Sensor Responds To The Touch Of Every Body Part MODERN, SMART DESIGNS - These Modular Lights Are An Ideal Choice For A Modern, Minimalistic Design. They Will Make Your Room Feel More Futuristic And Smart MAGNETIC EDGES - While You Can Attach These Lights To Walls Thanks To The Sticky Pads, You Can Save Yourself The Trouble And Simply Connect The Lights Through Magnetic Edges. This Will Guarantee That Whatever Pattern You Designed Will Remain Steady And Safe NO NEED FOR CABLE CLUTTER - The Aforementioned Magnetic Edges Not Only Keep Your Light Painting Together, But They Also Provide A Power Supply. Thus Just One Cable Is Needed To Provide Energy For Multiple Lights  ..
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